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LabVac is a Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Application Consulting Company. Head quartered in Austin Texas and with more than 30 years of hands on experience. Specializing in High Vacuum Turbomolecular Pumps, Helium Leak Detection and Semiconductor Tool Upgrades. We work in partnership with our preferred Vacuum Pump Manufacture of choice, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum are the leaders in Vacuum Technology and the only vacuum pump company that is a true Total Solutions, Full Line Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Solutions Company. 


Leybold Refurbished D65B TriVac rotary Vane Vacuum pumps with OEM Parts and OEM Warranty $3,995
The Leybold TriVac D65B Two Stage Rotary Vane Pump is known as the "Best of Breed" and the work horse for many major OEM and End Users. Boasting 53 CFM pumping speed and an ultimate pressure of 0.75 x 10-4 torr vacuum the D65B can get you to your desired pressure quickly. For more information about the Leybold TriVac D65B and other TriVac variants please give us a call
Leybold Vacuum offers Helium Leak Detection Services and On Site Leak Detector Repairs, Let Leybold come to you...

Leak Detection Services by Leybold USA

Demonstration and Training: Leybold experts can arrange a free demo on the use

of high-vacuum leak detection techniques for both vacuum and sniffing methods.

Leak Detection Service Calls: Got leaks? Budget and time constraints? Let

Leybold Field Service perform leak detection services with the most application specific

detection test methods. Leybold Field Service rates apply.

On-Site Maintenance & Repair: Leybold Field Service will perform on-site

maintenance on leak detectors to include cleaning of mass spectrometer block and

vacuum valves; replacing needed consumables such as O-rings, gaskets and air filter;

flushing and changing oil in rotary vane pump; and running internal calibration for

proper alignment of mass spectrometer. Most repairs are also available on-site,

which allows for limited production downtime. All repairs on-site will include

the maintenance steps above. Leybold Field Service rates apply. Let a Leybold OEM

Certified Field Service Engineer come to you!

Depot Repair: Leak detector repairs can be performed at the nearest Leybold depot

and include maintenance service steps (above) plus inspection and diagnosis of error

messages, and repair or replacement of turbo pump, frequency converter, backing

pump, circuit boards, etc. New 12-month warranty will be applied after completion

of depot repair.

Rental and Leasing Program: Leybold leak detectors are available now for

fixed-term use through our Rental and Leasing Program. Ask your Leybold

Account Manager for more details.

NIST Calibration: Leybold can provide NIST calibrations for calibrated leaks and

vacuum sensors. All helium leak calibrations meet the requirements of ISO 17025:2005

and ANSI/NSCL Z540-1-1994. Ask your Leybold Account Manager for more details.

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